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My guild was grouping up to fight dreadtooth, we saw a pub guild was all there so we switched to the other instance of section x. There was no one there. As we all started heading out to the area, the pub guild that had just downed him in instance 1 all switched to instance 2 and killed him again.

Can something be done so this doesn't happen. It would be very uncool if one guild could monopolize both instances of the area and all dreadtooth kills for multiple hours.

The issue is that you saw a pub guild about to fight Dreadtooth in instance 1, and then swapped over to instance 2 but they'd already killed him and then swapped over to instance 2 before you downed him. What exactly happened between you switching and them killing him? Are you on a PvP server and got ganked? Or did someone DC and you were waiting for them to come back.
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