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12.05.2012 , 04:40 PM | #26
Well, well, as we mentioned above game had sound problem. It's not only SWTOR but common WINE problem, others games like Skyrim suffer too.

I have couple audio devices, embedded and USB wireless dongle. It was going more-less with wired (until i finally broke wires) but it was horrible with usb-dongle. I assumed it's some caching.
1. run "alsamixer" in command line, press F6 (select device option) and record device number. For example it says:
"1. 2.4G wireless". - so I record number 1 for the dongle.

2. open file ".asoundrc" in your home folder (or create one if does not exists), add text:

pcm.heads {
type hw
card 1
period_time 0
period_size 4096
buffer_size 131072
rate 44100
ctl.heads {
type hw
card 1

where "card 1" has number we recorded above.

3. Reloging so changes will take effect.

Now, i can hear just good sound into swtor/skyrim using USB dongle. And it looks like game is smother going now too.

You may want to investigate as well.
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