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My friend and I play together all the time. That question is answered with another question: What do you like to do? PvP, PvE, Flash Points, Ops? If you want to do mostly questing with a bit of pvp then double dps is the way to go. Double sent, gunslinger/sage, so on. It's wise to pick a mele class as well as a ranged class. Also wise to go separate main class such as smuggler/trooper so you can see two class stories at once.

If you intend on doing any kind of Heroic or Flashpoint you can still do double dps but it is not wise. I suggest going one dps and the other either a tank or a healer, that way it is easier to find people to do them. To make heroics and flashpoints pop almost as soon as you want to do them go healer/tank. Healer/tank is also really nice for pvp. Healer/tank is not however good at basic PvE, you will be able to do anything but it is VERY slow. Even with companions.

Currently I am running a sniper and my buddy a Jug, we are able to do all the content and heroics and flashpoints are most of the time easy to put together. On our other classes I run a sent and he a sage healer. Same type of wait times. Good luck!
TL;DR PvE non heroic/PvP: double dps
PvE heroic/flashpoints: one healer or tank the other a dps
PvP only: any class combo works great however you will be able to help your team a lot more if one is tank . the other is healer.
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