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Your sig is exactly how f2p is supposed to work. There is a minority spending large sums of money, a greater portion that spends a little amount, and a large portion paying nothing. Expecting everyone to pay some is a p2p attitude that according to BW got them into the mess they sre in. F2p should allow people to sick around for free relitively painlessly so those spending the big bucks have someone to play with. The mindset for players should be this game is awesome and buying X would make it even more awesome, not this game is suffocating but for only $15 a month they won't choke me as hard.
F2p is designed to be supported by whales, but the whales will only stick around if there are small fish there too.
Sure, it is how it is supposed to work. But nobody is obligated to stick around and pay his sub every month only because he is supposed to, is he? So they better make sure that people actually paying every month don't feel that they are been taken for a ride. As said, I don't mind helping the game in terms of financing some sort of reduced F2P trial version with my sub, but I will surely not pay for other people to play the real thing for free.