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12.05.2012 , 12:20 PM | #5
F2P is supposed to be uncomfortable. Now I mean totally F2P never put a cent into the game. The whole point is to get them to either go Preferred or Subscription. That said it is possible to level entirely F2P to 50 but it will never be comfortable and you will miss out on alot of stuff. IMHO that is how it should be. Give serious incentive to pay something for the game.

Preferred on the other hand needs some loosening up. Particularly on the credit limit. So that it is more attractive to the F2P to go the Preferred route. Many like the pay when you want to of preferred much better than a pay constantly sub. But if the perks of preferred are not good enough they will stay totally free.

Sub should and must remain the best option with aspects that cannot be unlocked any other way.