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true but doesn't hurt to just out ideas out there for the hell of it
True but nor does it hurt to think things through properly and only speak when something is worth saying.

Not knocking anyone or any ideas in here, but any new class has to be very different to the existing classes in both story and gameplay for them to be worth the effort. Adding another type of jedi/sith doesn't give you much to play with aside from animations considering you already have most of the bases covered. Adding another 'man with a gun' doesn't add much either, no matter how much you want to show off that you read starwars books (Never a good thing, even here).

A droid of some kind (iirc correclty that was poo-pooed early on though), or someone that controls droids (Pet class) etc could actually bring something different to the game and they are the type of ideas worth trying to start a conversation about, not just someone who wants a more flashy looking lightsaber character.
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