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12.05.2012 , 11:46 AM | #150
To be honest I believe Bioware needs to fix some of the pre-existing problems instead of the new ones that have come with the F2P model. Some of the issues that they need to fix in my opinion are:

1.) Being able to trade in commendations for other commendations. I am lvl 50 and have had those old planetary commendations in my inventory forever. Make it to where you can upgrade them to other commendations. For example, you have 10 hutta commendations you can't use. You turn in those to get Dromund Kaas commendations. Do that or make it to where the gear you buy with those is BoE or at least BoA. That way we can do SOMETHING with those commendations.

2.) Add schematics drops in ops for Armstech crew skill. I'm tired of running through op after op and not getting any crafting schematics while other crew skills recieve them. I feel like armstech is the red headed stepchild of the crew skills.

3.) Add an option to where you can que up in a ranked warzone by yourself. I'm not talking about mixing premades and solo ques together I'm talking about mixing solo ques with solo ques. I like to pvp everynow and then but I get sick of people running around regular warzones like chickens with their heads cut off not knowing what to do. You could add some kind of valor restriction to it so you have to be valor rank 40 or so to be able to access that.

4.) It would be nice to interact with the cantina a little more than currently. You could add in pazzak which many players have been suggesting. You could also have an area in the combat training area of a ship (the part where all the pvp stuff is) where you can bet on warzone matches and spectate them. In KOTOR that was one of the things you could do if I recall correctly.

5.) Design some new armor. The blackhole, campagin, and dreadguard gear look absolutley awful. I know you don't have to wear it and you can rip mods but that costs too much imo. You should look like a kick *** bounty hunter not like someone wearing scuba diving gear.

6.) Have it to where you can set up arena teams for ranked warzones. This way it would be easier to keep track of people and get a group together, much like a guild.

7.) Have swoop racing. This is another topic that is brought up frequently in the forums. You could have to where you can set up swoop racing teams and compete against other swoop racers. You could also then add a feature where you guys have a giant tournament and the winning team wins some really good items, or they win cartel coins.

8.) Add in guild crests. When you're in a guild you want something that makes you stand out from everyone else. You want something that represents you and that you can wear with pride. By adding guild crests you could display these on your armor and would make it to where everyone doesn't look the same.

Lastly to all you F2P members, you should be happy that bioware doesn't restrict any of the story content because plenty of other mmos do that to F2P members. No matter what F2P game you play there will always be some kind of restrictions. You should be happy that bioware doesn't make you have to unlock every single flashpoint or op to keep you from experiencing it. Yes some of the restrictions are inconvenient but nothing in life is free so get over it.