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Which class/race/alignment/gender combinations do you think work best with the class story lines, companions and romance options?

A few caveats to start. One, by its nature, this thread, if it catches on, will include spoilers about various class stories. Read at your own risk, because I'm not planning to use spoiler tags. They'll just make it hard to read when they're in every post - that's why I put one in the title. And two, this isn't a "you should play the way I do because it's better" thread. If you want to play a dark side Miraluka trooper, a gray Chiss Jedi Knight or a light side Twi'lek Sith Inquisitor, go for it. Still, I think there are some combinations that seem to make more sense:

Jedi Consular
My pick: Light side female Miraluka
She might be your last companion, but Nadia seems to dictate a lot. Let's face it - it's creepy if you're a male consular and you pursue a romance with her; it's like dating your little sister. That works a lot better as a big sister-little sister dynamic, emphasized even more if you're nonhuman. I don't think Twi'lek works well since Zenith isn't romance-able (even if you're so light side your turn him down). And dark side consulars just come off as insane.

Jedi Knight
My pick: Light side male human
You can't go wrong with Kira and the archetypal romance option. That light side should probably be tempered with a bit of an edge if you're already willing to break the Jedi Code to romance your own padawan. You can probably make a case for a dark Jedi with this storyline, one who's willing to do what it takes - including sell his own soul - to protect the Republic

Imperial Agent
My pick: Dark side male Rattataki
Other picks: Light side male Chiss
Dark side female human
You spend almost half the game with just Kaliyo, and if you go dark enough and don't suck up to the Empire, you'll get along great. However, I think this storyline in particular, because of how well done it is, can support multiple starting points. A lighter male Chiss is a perfect match for Temple and making more light side choices works surprisingly well. I think human is a good choice for all the Imperial classes if only to work with the alien bashing that runs rampant, and with all the romance options Agents have available, a female human works well with Vector.

Bounty hunter
I went with a light side male Chiss, which honestly I don't think was the greatest fit. If you're planning to pursue Mako, light side will work in your favor, but I would suggest a cyborg or a Zabrak. Light side works for female characters with Torian, too - Zabrak would probably be preferred there, as there already are a ton of female cyborgs running around in that story line. Going dark would probably prohibit any romance options not based entirely on gifts, but at least you won't spend all of Voss and Corellia hating/ignoring Skadge.

I haven't played far enough into the other classes to speak definitively about them. What do you think?