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I was giving several reasons why the kills/death ratios may be skewed. Why it isn't the best measurement of game balance. I wasn't suggesting that people are merely leeching, I was saying that they are getting credit for kills that are vastly the work a few AC that they are fighting in the same area with.
But my point was that this type of thing will benefit everyone equally, so it will even out well enough that you don't need to worry about it. And 1 class cannot make everyone stay alive equally long, so if that was the case the death ratio's would be out, which they aren't.

When taking stats like this into account any mechanic that benefits or hinders everyone is irrelevant, but if something was affecting only 1 AT then it would stand out. If survivability on one AT was an issue then at some point we would see that AT die more often. If one AT did do most of the damage then at some point it would pull ahead because there isn't always someone there to get the benefit of the kill, and when those classes needing the help didn't have it they would get less kills.

I know leeching has a specific meaning among MMO crowds, so it was probably the wrong word to pick.
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