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12.05.2012 , 11:26 AM | #149
Hello all

I have been playing since launch and have never left the game. This being my first MMO the biggest problem i have found i s finding a regular group to play with. I have yet to do any end game OPS. I have been in and out of many guild but they never seem to have a stable base of players. The group finder allowd players to do the Flash poinst which was awsome, the single best add to the game!

To help players of like mids fide a good group it would be nice to put backthe guild finder you had a launch. Guilds can opt to be open or close. Guilds looking for players and taking applications like at launch or have there guild close and not receiving applications. Onthe community web page Under the server section guilds can have sub sections like character and ac classes for players to look for group. The origional guild finder would be perfict. From my experience the biggest drag on the game was the community development. I never did find the guild from the guild finder at launch.

PS Can you add a cartel market purchas to unlock a legacy item for legacy datacrons once is enough with those I'll quit befor i get them again.
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