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No idea about 2 but you are missing the point by a huge margin here, because you are only thinking about 1 player, rather than 1 million players (Or however few people play these days).

Yes person x might get a lot of kills in a warzone from 'leaching' other people's kills, but over the whole population of the game that kind of thing evens itself out, because person x might be a different class tomorrow. So when looked from the top level this is a very good measure to see how well people are doing. Actual class balance where each class puts out the same DPS while maintaining different playstyles and levels of burst is very hard to get right (No MMO has managed it yet, at least PvP wise), but the whole point of that balance is to make each class give the same reward for the same effort. So as long as the reward is balanced that is a very good place to start.
I was giving several reasons why the kills/death ratios may be skewed. Why it isn't the best measurement of game balance. I wasn't suggesting that people are merely leeching, I was saying that they are getting credit for kills that are vastly the work a few AC that they are fighting in the same area with.

Any class you feel is underpowered may indeed be so, but aside from you not feeling like you are powerful it doesn't seem to be actually preventing you from getting the same stuff that the more powerful classes are getting, at the same rate.
The point of my post wasn't broker for my class to be buffed. As a matter of fact, my main is a Jugg, and I feel that the Warrior PVP tree needs to be nerfed. I play a hybrid tank build, not lolsmash, because I don't feel like that spec is fun for me, nor do I feel it is fair. This wasn't a post about my feelings about my class though, it was about the devs needing to pay attention to what their community has been saying about balance across all the classes for a long time. It needs a serious look and some work done before a new tier of gear comes.

You are right that player feedback is important, but you need to actually put some serious thought and facts into your feedback if you want it to be taken into account, because facts like kill/death/reward ratio's are hard to argue with, and most people would prefer to know they will get an equal reward on all characters, above actual balance, only those who play competatively (Usually a small %) even notice anything other than a major balance issue.
Again, you're missing my point entirely. I'm not here to suggest what changes need to be made. Those arguments are already out there. They have been made in great detail in numerous other threads. Some many or may not be the right answers for those ACs. But attention needs to be brought to the issue. My point is that while the devs are touting Player-driven feedback leading to changes, they need to look at Balance as well.