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12.05.2012 , 11:20 AM | #8
I'm currently working on my sniper, having bought every XP perk and running with the +25% XP bonus consumable at all times.

Each planet (for the most part) is 4 levels above the previous (Balmorra 16-20, Nar Shadaa 20-24, Alderaan 24-28, etc)

But with all these leveling perks, the class quests alone provide maybe 2 levels worth of XP per planet. The choices to augment the XP are:

1. Warzones
2. Space Missions
3. Side Quests

You'll have to do at least one of those 3 things to not fall too far behind. Once you hit 5 levels below mobs, they keep resisting / dodging most of your attacks. Even if you could kill them, it takes so long it's not worth it. I found this out the hard way on Belsavis when I spent 5 minutes killing one guy.