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Quote: Originally Posted by pax_orion View Post
Here is replay.
After last patch no1 can equip purple items on chars.
Fix that
I haven't read the thread yet, but post 1 already shows a great example of useless feedback.

Bad spelling (Forgivable but if this was a large post it would end up too hard to read and not worth the effort). Stating 'facts' without proof (Like how you know everyone has the same issue). Lack of actual detail (Which purple items? What error? What slot?). Demand made (And an unrealistic one at that!).

It is also massively off topic, because the blog is about feedback on the FTP option.

Posts like this are why feedback hardly ever gets a reply, why people think it is never listened to, and why these forums are full of rubbish. My one suggestion for the feedback team is this: Create a 'constructive feedback' section of the forum, then if you see bad feedback in it, email the submitter with an example of good feedback and try to educate them. Ban those who won't learn from posting to clear the clutter!

My opinion of FTP is that it works well. I subbed within minutes of seeing how little I got for free. I think that the stuff that most people would buy (Quality of life stuff) like UI and storage are well priced, and the vanity stuff (Pets and gear) is expensive as it should be. So overall well done. I dislike the grey icon that F2Pers have, it is like the jews wearing a yellow star to show they are inferior all over again*.

*Before you flame ask your history teacher.
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