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I'm playing through my first character and almost to the end of Act Two, which has gotten me thinking about the future. I would love to play through all eight class storylines, but the idea of doing the same sidequests 4 or 8 times leaves me cold.

How feasible is it to play JUST the story missions? This would clearly result is less experience (so lower level) and less coin (so less equipment). How crippling would that be? Has anyone tried it?

Secondary question: If just the storyline is not feasible, does anyone have suggestions on the quickest/most efficient way to offset things? I've got a wife and a three-year-old and they've been very patient with me as I play through my Jedi Knight, but I don't see that patients lasting through 7 other classes.
I tend to only really level this way - >

1. Skip all/most side missions
2. Do space missions when they're listed as orange/and obviously do them when they first appear for the extra xp
3. Do my daily warzones
4. Kill so trash here and there as i make my way around doing class quest
5. All of this need's to be done with the legacy xp perks purchased, or it doesn't work so well.
6. With the introduction of the xp boosts, i often get a 1 or 3 hour boost.
7. You can get a decent amount of xp from maxing out your companions affection. Their missions become available as you progress through the story, but if you say.. wait till level 40, and then do all the convo's at once, you'll get a level or so out of it.
8. Occasionally do solo heroics if you have the gear/skill to do so.

This has worked for the two 50's i have, and a 3rd level 45.