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12.05.2012 , 10:51 AM | #94
LOL, I have gone the dungeon, raid, guild drama route and would rather take a stick in the eye (twice) than going there again. Another LOL, I group, face challenges, and work hard in RL and actually play games and MMOs for fun and relaxation. i know that is rare but what the heck.

I do feel for the raiders (that small percentage of players) that feel cheated because they are challenged now in being the uber MMO class. I am sorry for them in that their few nights a week of raiding is not bring the fame, glory, and wealth that they so richly deserve. I also feel sorry for MMO devs who spend 95+ percent of their time, effort, and resources in building a leveling game and have no clue what to do with characters at cap other than raid or die.

So I would like to chime in and let the entitled players and guilds know that I will not be "stealing" their patterns. I could since I have a great deal of credits which were earned the old fashioned way (learning and growing my crafting skills and building a good understanding of the GTN and game economy). I will just wait until levels 51 - 55 are added and then have my green drops be better than their now BIS gear.

No, I am not umadbro, I am amused and find this thread and many of the posters funny.