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12.05.2012 , 10:42 AM | #1
I'm playing through my first character and almost to the end of Act Two, which has gotten me thinking about the future. I would love to play through all eight class storylines, but the idea of doing the same sidequests 4 or 8 times leaves me cold.

How feasible is it to play JUST the story missions? This would clearly result is less experience (so lower level) and less coin (so less equipment). How crippling would that be? Has anyone tried it?

Secondary question: If just the storyline is not feasible, does anyone have suggestions on the quickest/most efficient way to offset things? I've got a wife and a three-year-old and they've been very patient with me as I play through my Jedi Knight, but I don't see that patients lasting through 7 other classes.