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1. Can the group position themselves in the green box at one corner so the tank gets knockbacked the diagonal length of the box? Or is the knockback distance too long?
The knockback distance is too long.

Quote: Originally Posted by Kil-Gorbane View Post
2. What does the group do when the left-most 1st space is red? It seems like if that is the case the group has 3 options: (A) /stuck (B) see if right-most 1st space is green or (C) attempt to progress down middle and hope the knockback doesn't knock the tank out of the diagonal length of the box.
In order to down the boss in his current state, you have to get lucky in one of four ways:
  • First left-most square is green (not always the case)
  • First right-most square is green and fewer than usual disarms along that wall
  • First and second of either the middle-left or middle-right are green
  • First of any row is green and you get really, really lucky with tank knockbacks

The last point is basically alluding to the fact that you can position the droid in the green square with the tank facing toward the area before the minefield. As long as the timing works out so that your tank isn't knocked into the explosion, you can do it that way. Your tank *will* be knocked into the fire, but he can just run out of it.

The role that RNG plays in the fight now is one of the best arguments that this is not an intended mechanic.
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