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Hey guys,

This is my first post here on the forums, but i've been a member in the game for almost 9-10 months.
I usually do not complain much about what's offered in the game, but after the latest post that BioWare really wants some feedback from the players, i decided to make this post, and hope that it will reach friendly eyes.

Simply put: This game is awesome.
However, being awesome doesn't mean that this game is perfect. Far from it actually, and this is where i think BW should work on.
This is first of all a star wars games. Even though there is the element of traveling between the stars is present, and the "concept" of planets is present, it is still missing a couple of features, which in my opinion should be made top priority. I will be listing some of these elements now, with more elaborate versions of them soon if you guys like them.

1- The community:
I can't start to count how many guilds i joined and then quit because i found them to become repetitive tasks. (that was at the beginning of my journey in this game). Later on, i decided to take control into my own hands and helped in the founding of a couple guilds (1 on each faction). And yet i found that most people who joined a guild didn't like much of the implemented concept, that they just joined for the occasional moment that they might need help, they can ask for it in the guild chat. I'm not saying that you can't have fun chatting between guildmates, but what i'm saying is that if this is the only purpose that guilds are for, it's a very expensive chatroom to own and subscribe to.
My idea is that why don't you try and make some guild exclusive areas? And i don't mean like an operation, but rather a place where guildmates can meet in private and do some activities ( although some guild exclusive missions are definitely a plus). Give a reason for people to stay in guilds and work inside them.
Another idea about this also, is why not add the element of politics into guilds? Make it possible for the members to do something, other than wait for an officer to start organizing events(or getting their approval). Countless times, i have seen members want to do something in a guild but they can't get the word out since there are no officers around, or the officers don't want to.

2- Space:
When i first started playing this game, i thought "WOW, these space missions are awesome. the graphics are stunning. I can't wait to see more later" but then, later came. the space missions didn't change they only became harder. They became so repetitive that i stopped playing them altogether. This is when i first felt that a crucial piece of the game was missing. I know that BW is working on new missions right now, but i don't feel like this is enough. We need a REAL space setting, and not just moving our mouse while clicking left and right. We need somewhere in space where you can actually devise some tactics with some friends (or strangers if some prefer) while playing. And it is my real honest belief, that this is the most crucial point that you should work on. This is a Star Wars game, where you can't roam the space between the stars. This just feels wrong.
My idea is very simple. Create a map where we can fly with our ships, and have some missions there.
My other idea that isn't so simple, create a fleet command center. Now this idea has been posted somewhere in the forum before but i would like to improve upon it, given the chance. This can also help with the first part of this post (see 1- above). Create a command ship for guilds, integrate the ship building with the economy of the game. Create the ability to fight in a massive space battle. I'll expand this idea further if someone asks me later on.

3- Factions:
I'll keep it short and simple. There are more than 2 factions in the galaxy. ADD THEM.
Here are a couple of them you could possibly think about.
- Pirates
- Mandalorians

I think this post is long enough for now. I'll try and update it later with a reply, with more ideas.
Hopefully we'll see some of these ideas implemented (or at least being considered) in the next few updates.
Keep up the good work and thanks for reading.