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12.05.2012 , 08:37 AM | #1
Overall FTP is not so bad.

However, in my opinion, there is a fatal error:
1. Limiting credits to 200 000 for the f2p players and 350 000 for the former subscribers. Not the best option, because nobody needs 90% items (like removing restrictions) from "Cartel Market" apart from FTP players and Privileged players.
The experience of playing ĢEVE Onlineģ shows that players with real finances not only work against the "Black Market", but also make the game for FTP players more comfortable by selling PLEX.

2. For a new character inventory limit in 30 cells is too severe. Optimal variant is 50-60 ... and the rest from "Cartel Market" unlocks. What we have now is too uncomfortable for the FTP players.

3. The amount of Flashpoints and Warzones per week is fine. But why there are only 3 Space Battles per week? One fight takes 3-6 minutes. Altogether it is that the amount of Space Battles extremely limited (no more than 10-15 minutes per week). Is that the main advantage of SW:TOR? I think the best option is 5 - 7 fights per week...

4. Why the FTP players don't have even a possibility to see Operations? It is ridiculous to block what they have not ever seen. It is imperative to add (preferably one) Operation per week (Mode: Story). So they will see what they lose.

5. "Authorization: Artifact Equipment" is currently running not quite correct. In further updates developers will be weary of editing a lot of things. And in general they will have to make a lot of corrections.
Option with limiting equipment by it's level instead of quality would be much better. For example: Now would be good level 126. With the release of new content developers just would change the number.

Otherwise, FTP is very good.
Myself - playing on subscription.