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12.05.2012 , 08:00 AM | #34
My wife does not play MMOs. She had to play WoW for college credit while attending George Washington Unviserity, so I had to teach her how to play MMOs. I stopped playing WoW after the first 4 months. I just could not get into it. But for her, I bit the bullet.

Anyways, we talked and she has agreed to come to SWTOR to play. Of course, that means teaching her how to play. She is intelligent, but has trouble with her brain telling her body to stuff, so there is a delay in her actions and her motor skills suffer, to top it off, she has no patience and gets frustraited rather quickly. This is why I doubt she will play more than 10 hours.

That being said, she did tell me she wanted to play a jedi. "Not one of the bad guys that you like to play"... She was referring to me being imperial and a bounty hunter in SWG killing rebels and jedi. So I agreed, and I will just make the choice of class for her and choose Jedi Knight. it is not too hard, complicated and is beefy when tank spec.

I think she might like the Shadow, but they are mid range bloomers with PvE.

Ideally I would want her to play Powertech, because Mako makes everything easier.