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Familiar with the proverb; give them a finger, and they'll take the whole hand?

It started with hotbars and character slots. Well, those are given. Now it's turning into unlimited warzone access? Soon it'll be unlimited operation access being asked for by the PvE crowd in case PvP players get their way. And before you know it, there's nothing left to even subscribe for, BioWare loses their income and needs to come with new alternatives.

Ah weight, I know what. Warzone commendations, 800 for just 1000 cartel coins! Buy 3000 and pay only 2500 cartel coins!

And that's the moment the F2P crowd will start crying again as paying people once more have access to more in this game than those not willing to spend a dime.
Bioware has stated on numerous occasions that they are new to the F2P model and there will be many revisions based on player feedback. I spent quite some time on the test center and playing the game with two bars legitimately made the later portions of the game feel unplayable. I don't agree that limiting a player to two characters was a bad thing and believe they could have made slot unlocks another micro transaction , but also understand that its very easy to just create another account so that's an up hill battle.

Nothing within my proposed idea would come anywhere near negating the need or market for a subscription based component. And if you ready my whole post then you would have seen the part about off setting any potential losses due to the change by offering a tangible bonus in warzones to subscribers and people with weekly passes. As it stands there is a 100% worthless WZ buff in the cartel market , the Valor Buff. Aside from Valor rank 40 which is incredibly easy to obtain its a completely useless system unless you want the titles (which F2P members have to pay to display).

Your disagreement seems to stem entirely from your distaste for the fact that the game went F2P and not whether this change would make the F2P model more stable. Like it or not F2P is here to stay , and I have no doubt that F2P members and subscribers alike will continue to pump dollar after dollar into the cartel market.