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you must be new to the concepts of feedback and iteration.
Familiar with the proverb; give them a finger, and they'll take the whole hand?

It started with hotbars and character slots. Well, those are given. Now it's turning into unlimited warzone access? Soon it'll be unlimited operation access being asked for by the PvE crowd in case PvP players get their way. And before you know it, there's nothing left to even subscribe for, BioWare loses their income and needs to come with new alternatives.

Ah weight, I know what. Warzone commendations, 800 for just 1000 cartel coins! Buy 3000 and pay only 2500 cartel coins!

And that's the moment the F2P crowd will start crying again as paying people once more have access to more in this game than those not willing to spend a dime.
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