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It just seems logical to me, with people that like to RP, BH's use jet packs. I can understand why it wasn't included in the get go of the game, but since we are vamping and making adjustments and improvements in the game, why not?
Looking at the movies.. the few times jetpacks where used where just for brief moments and not really for traveling.
Then ofcourse from a realistic point of view.. you'd bring alot of extra weight with you for the fuel alone for an extended flight instead of the extended ..jumps we've seen in the movies. Which.. also creates a rather exploideble weakness in combat. Boba fett can vouch for that and he only used the lighter extended jump version.

And yes.. suggesting realism in a mmo is a tad off, Im aware of this, just like Im aware pulling a full car sized mount out of thin air isnt very realistic either, but I can understand that being done for practical reasons.
Then again the movies support my statement above.