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Iam using the scoring system that wowprogress uses. so first guild to kill something gets, say 100 pts, now say second guild doesn't get it for a week, they get 93pts.

And I didn't change mid game, I believe Ive said many times updated the spreadsheet. ;-) nice try.

Honestly we don't care if we get 1-5th, raiding with good people is all that we care.
You took over maintaining the progression thread about a month ago, and decided to change up the scoring system without documentation? Wouldn't you think it's more appropriate to disclose something like that, when every progression thread before this one has been tracked using a different system?

Shouldn't you be posting point totals? Why isn't there a link to the scoring system in the original post? Can you provide a public link to your screenshot, for the sake of transparency?

Earlier in the thread you say...

give us day and time, need to know where i should place u
... which seriously implies that you're scoring kills in the same way that the previous threads have done - chronologically. Suddenly we find out that you're using a totally different opaque scoring system? It's a big surprise.

I also just went through all 9 pages of this thread, and didn't find any mentions of a spreadsheet until tonight. I don't know you personally Ceades, so please forgive me for having a lot of questions.