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12.04.2012 , 10:49 PM | #1
I understand the need to use PvP as another avenue of revenue but I feel that their current model is self defeating.
I believe that they should remove the cap on how many warzones a F2P member can play and change it to how many warzones a F2P member can earn commendations, credits , and experience. They could allow valor rank to continue leveling without too much issue since there are no tangible rewards for valor rank except the option to buy a few high priced toys and the ability to purchase ranked warzone comms.

To offset the potential loss in revenue from players who are content earning fewer commendations they could also offer a commendation bonus buff in the cartel market much like the valor buff. This reward buff should boost bonus commendations from medals earned up to 10 and grant the bonus up to 12 medals per match.

I believe that this simple change could bring some much needed revitalization to PvP.