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12.04.2012 , 04:20 PM | #11
It seems that the only thing that is being listened to is free to play, which is strange cause I don't think they can post on the forums.

Hows about addressing things that have been on the forums since before free to play came out but seem to have taken a back seat because of re-structing then staff working on free to play and cartel items. A few things that it would be nice ot see.

Open world PvP (which is open to everyone not just people that have ground out war hero gear in warzones).
More End Game Content.
More Species. (not just a human with face paint you are calling Cathar)
More options in Character creation.
Full 3D space (not calling it Super Secret Space Project)
New Armour and Weapon Sets. (we have been on black hole for most the year)
Guild Captial Ships.
Mini Games.
Continuation of Class and Companion Story. (Hate to say it but for most people this is far more important than world story arcs)
Side Ways progression. I know very very hard and a major project but it would be nice to have an end game that wasn't just tougher and tougher bosses with more and more difficult mechanics.

So it would be nice to discuss what is being done for the people that have been here for a year and not just those free to play gamers.