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Free to play members should not be limited on character customization like they are. It takes away from the role-playing aspect to be limited to the being just a plain human/cyborg with the only alien species available is Zabraks (available without spending Cartel Coins). They should have the same character customization that is available to a brand new subscriber making his/her first character as well. Also, they should be able to hide their helmet slot to their desire, show their legacy name, unify armor colors, quickbar amount, etc. All these restrictions to FTP customization are unnecessary to have.
I understand the Legacy restriction. everything else you said I completely agree with. Also, reduced experience for non-subbers is not only frustrating, it's completely counter-productive. players having reduced experience fall behind in levels and when they can't access some flashpoints and warzones to make up for that lost experience, their experience will be tainted. SWTOR is the only MMO out there that actually has reduced experience for non subbers and I don't think that is a good, groundbreaking thing. I also understand the race restrictions, however, to be limited to human/cyborg and Zabrak only, is a bit overkill don't you think?