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I lead a guild which launched with over 150 players. With only 8 slots per server, and some members who planned to roll all 16 classes, we deployed our main guild (Republic) on one server, and our alt guild (imperial) on another server.

A few months later, Bioware announced that Legacy unlocks would be server-wide, not account wide- and all of a sudden having 50s on separate servers was a bad thing. So we re-rolled our low Imps on our main server, and re-formed our Imp guild there- knowing our high level characters were stuck until server transfers came around.

When they finally did, there was no choice involved. Our guilds, all of our Reps, and our newer Imps were all sent to one Destination Server. Unfortunately, our high level Imps were forced over to a different Destination Server. And they have been stuck there ever since.

It's bad enough that the Legacy levels we earned on that server will not be added to the ones we earned on our main server- but to have some of our best characters imprisoned there indefinitely? This is very terrible! It has been many months now, and the Devs have grown silent on the topic of transfers. Please, give us a way to bring our characters together!

Devs, what say you?