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To the OP and the supporters of this idea. Let me get this clear. You are asking for development time to be spend so you can see your lightsaber in use as a sage? Hmmm. I'd rather have development time spent for balancing issues. If you want to see your saber in use then choose one of the other three advanced classes, one of them being a consular option. Just because you hit for first 10 levels with your saber doen't mean you are a master of it. You learn basic attack and bolt deflection. You chose the advanced class that specialises in ranged force attacks. In the end of the day, from an RP point of view, with the exception of Yoda the most powerful of all and still doubt if he could beat Windu in a saber duel, which sage/sorc survived against an assasin or a knight in a 1v1 saber fight in the SW franchise? Qui-Gon vs Maul? Palpatine vs Mace? Dooku vs Annakin? You are still free to use your saber in the game in an ineffective basic way just like these guys did.

But I will accept your complain about wanting to use the saber. So instead of changing mechanics which will probably make the game imbalanced in new unpredicted ways, how about change the animation of some of the sage's skills to come from the saber like sentinels blade storm? Weaken mind, mind crush, tk throw and even healing abilities are a few options.

Bottom line though is that development time is better spent in balancing issues and new content. Also it seems to me that shadow/assassin is the right class for you.

And I would rather they learn to get it right. So when they do add more stuff in the future they don't have to back and fix it so much and have a chance to put more stuff in more easily while wasting more time in the process so we have more things in the game in the end.