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There's not much you can do about them in the warzones. I'd be extremley happy if F2P accounts could not participate in Level 50 warzones at all, but that's just me.

When it comes to flashpoints, this is a different story. They're called Hard mode for a reason. If you're not properly geared, you'll do poorly. You can tell who is geared well by inspecting them. If someone joins and has crappy armor, doesn't speak at all, or is a complete n00b, you can kick them out or cast a vote to remove them. I wonder if Bioware/EA could make a temporary "ban from current" group function. Once you kick someone for the above reasons, they cannot rejoin that group by queing up again.

I kick people without hesitation. If you don't have at least a set of 126's, or you don't speak. You're gone.
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