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In my experience, selling the raw materials is usually more time efficient and profitable than selling crafted products. There is probably opportunity for selling crafted mid-level gear for a profit, but I've never taken the time to try to figure out which items are actually worth making - I just sell the raw mats and call it a day.

Someone mentioned augments - I have to disagree. You can very easily buy grade 22 purple augments for 60k each. You can also easily sell those purple materials (4 are required for the augments) for 15k each. If you want to split hairs, you can sell the materials required to make the augment then buy the actual augment for a slight profit.

Even if you get your hands on BiS schematics, the only time you're actually going to make a profit is within the first week or two, or when you crit while crafting. There are plenty of crafters that will make BiS schematics for free with provided materials, so it's tough to sell a pre-crafted item for more than the cost of raw materials.

I think Underworld Trading, Scavenging, and Bioanalysis are the most profitable crew skills. If you're raiding consistently and have access to RE those end-game armoring/mods, Cybertech is also a very good choice. I say Cybertech because there's the greatest opportunity for items to RE (armoring and mods) and you get a +5 crit bonus from your ship droid sensor. So Cybertech provides the most numerous opportunity combined with a high chance to crit.