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I don't see why they can't make the GF quest shareable, it would solve the issues with little bug-chasing.

It's a shame not a lot of people aren't shouting about this issue though, most people just dismiss it as nothing and say "just write a ticket" but should I really have to go through the effort of writing tickets every week because of a bug that spoils the whole point of an sm ops run?

Yep. Also, I'm entirely sure its due to the crash on someone leaving, but on EV, we wiped on the 3rd phase since dps were not getting on boss when called, and this is were I crashed, while releasing. However I was ops leader then. Someone left as well, and GF prevented us from getting someone new, even when a guildie offered to at least help us take boss down, couldn't invite since it was a GF formed group at the base.

But did the fact i was ops leader when crashing screw everyone GF reward?

This is annoying tough.