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In my opinion, none of the current end game stuff should RE to a schematic while it is still BIS (e.g. no 27s RE to schematics until 28s are available in a new Operation).

At the very least, crafting end game items should require a mat that only drops rarely in the same content, and thus keeps the amount of end-game crafted items very low.

As it is now, end game in SWTOR is a joke given people can RE BIS items, get schematics, turn around and craft stacks of them for themselves, their guild, their friends, and their server so they can all over-gear the content.
THIS. Honestly the best point made in this thread.

1) seems the main complaint in this thread is that BiS gear should only be available to people that raid the content, if that's what you want then 27 schematics SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO BE LEARNED PERIOD. If you're gonna whine that people can get gear by spending credits then you shouldn't be able to make mods for your guildies/buddies who haven't raided the content before or be able to sell them for huge stacks of creds, completely hypocritical. Saying that "people should have an alternative to end game content by buying each mod/armoring/enhancement for 20 million creds each" is just a bs excuse for being greedy and wanting more money.

2) Another complaint I've seen is that people get gear too fast because of crafters and get bored with content. Well, it's their own prerogative if they want to get their mods from crafters or not, regardless of who they get it from (their own guild crafters included). This just again goes back to only one way to fix that problem: get rid of 27 schematics until 28 or higher comes out

3) Last complaint I noticed was that all these "schem-stealers" are killing the market by undercutting. There is still a HUGE profit to be made crafting 27 schematics, and let's be honest here.....the market would be DEAD for the 27 mods if they could not be learned from other crafters. Why? Because who in their right mind would really want to spend millions of credits on a measily upgrade, that extra 3 endurance really goes a long way huh? The majority of your profits have come from other crafters buying your stuff.

Now, we all know that dread guard gear is horribly optimized, so if they took away the 27 schematics, the only way to optimize would be by having to get multiple drops of the same piece to rip out the mods/enhancements you need for the rest of your gear. That just sounds like more of a bore and way more of a grind. So I vote to leave things the way they are now! You're still making money, still raiding the content for chances to RE some other sweet loot so by my observations it would seem that this "bug" has actually made the game more fun for people who raid high end content