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12.04.2012 , 06:32 AM | #10
We roughly do that.

First AOE is on the front of the walker so 2+1 healer go out to the side, the warrior healer grabs the other warrior for the sent to target faster (because hes at the walker dpsing when they spawn)

Pack healer stands by walker not in front at first because of aoe.

Then mid for second pack because second aoe will land where first pack spawned. Pack is taunted to walker while we grab warriors again.

Then third pack spawns and can't recall what the others do but the pack goes behind walker while the warriors seem obsessed with our pack healer who kites them about a bit til we can kill them.

We then save one Trandoshan and run to door to heal up while walker AOEs mid. Gank the Trandoshan when ready and off to pulsars

Here's our progress