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I tend to avoid flashpoints all together, personally sick and tired of getting the constant 'SPACE BAR NOW!!!!' it seems that alot of players are being idiotic and repeating the same flashpoint, over and over and over again.........i mean why freaking bother?

At level 50, i can understand, but while leveling up?? why?
Well, can say for myself only. For me, lack of high-end content, massive pvp leads to only one option-leveling alts. Also consider that side quests are all the same for every class on one side. For instance, I can't stand side quests any more. There is also no boost for pve exp in legacy perks. So I just buy PvP/FP/Class boosts and run FP/PvP/Class Quests till cap 50. I have almost 11 50's (playing since Dec). First 2-3 times watching cinematics might be dearable, but I can assure you that on 3+ you will just get frustrated of spending an hour+ on a fp which you can run in 20-30 min with good ppl. I'd like to add that I don't insist on skipping in any FP. I just press space. If the convo is long and noone skips, I just go and watch TV/make tea while the convo ends.
But from my own experience, in lvl 50 FP's most ppl who insist on watching/not skipping are usually kicked. I usually try not to bother about that( I just leave the man stand where he does and lead the rest of the party further), but if it's 2+ (even if it's a healer coz many ppl like me have comps geared in BH+ gear that heal btter than some healers...) I just prefer to kick them. Ofc you might say: "You bastard, go find the same overgeared team and skip whatever you want!" Well before saying that, I'd mention that I can tell you the same thing-go find newbies to walk the FP through. But I really doubt you can complete any serious hm fp with a noob party in recruit/green gear in half an hour. What I foresee is a load of wipes on trash bosses(somewhy ppl refuse to read any tactics) , ninja looting and group disband.
Just example, was doind daily HM Battle for Ilum. Had a nice commando healer 56-58 geared, me (tank) and 2 dd - shadow in tank/dd gear with a tank stance/ sentinel without any stance at all. Both geared in some crap greens/recruit. I asked if they wanted a quick/full run. The healer asked for quick. Others remain silent. Well I skipped the packs for the fist boss with healer, the guys just ran through and took all the trash to us. Then they refused to go further without killing all trash, doing bonus.They were standing at the boss while me and healer cleared the path to the weequay boss. They decided to catch up (surprisingly not agroing everything) and asked to kill the boss. Well not to say they both started the fight before the tactics, died of adds/hitting the boss shield. Well after we skipped the boss I kicked both and took 2 m from LFG in several seconds.

Sorry for the long post.