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12.04.2012 , 03:54 AM | #26

I haven't joined a FP PUG for four days now. I'm actually scared to after having so many bad experiences in a row. It's flooded with fresh 50s/F2P players. That or old players who have resubbed, have no clue how to play, and refuse to listen to anything experienced players say.

You know...thing like, "Please dps, don't constantly run in front of the tank and aggro 340938709325432809280945329058285092 mobs at the same time. Your crappy gear is crap even if you think you're super awesome."

I don't need to PUG. BH coms are useless for my main now, but, honestly, I liked joining one when I was bored. I know...I should take a deep breath and regain my patience. New players need to learn somehow... but darn it, they aren't much fun.