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As the title suggestions, this question is directed to the F2P players out there. Does just entering a flashpoint count toward your 3 flashpoints per week or does it count only once its completed?

The reason I ask is because of the recent influx of the players who show up in HM Lost Island less optimally geared than what I would expect them to be. I'm all for and sometimes a bit expectant of fresh 50's to be decked out in a full set of recruit or even the occasional level 48 / 49 green in a normal HM flashpoint... whatever. When it comes to HM Lost island, if your geared with said items above, please do yourself a favor and dont que up for HM Lost island in this. You will save yourself the time you spent in group finder to show up on HM Lost island just to be kicked out of the group and you will save the time having the group which will be kicking you to have to look for a replacement.

Almost everyday, I log on to do at least 1 run of HM Lost Island for our guild with my shadow so those who need the Rakghoul weekly can complete it. My tank set is a mix of Campaign/BH/Rakata and my DPS set is a mix of Rakata/Columi so I end up queing for both. On almost every occasion, I have seen either the tank or Healer show up in full recruit. THIS WILL NOT WORK in HM Lost Island when pugging a group threw groupfinder. You will be kicked from the group 99% of the time. With some guilds, it will work since the flashpoint can be 3 manned but not all guilds can pull this off so ill put out the "don't try this at home" disclamer unless you know your 3 players are decked out in the appropriate gear for the occasion.

Even though this goes for both F2P players and subbed players as far as the gear goes for HM Lost Island, If just entering a flashpoint counts toward your 3 per week and your not geared for the content, please que up for the normal HM flashpoints instead of HM Lost Island and save yourself that 1 que that could have gotten you into another Tier 1 flashpoint. HM Lost Island is a Tier 2 Flashpoint requires better gear than your recruit and green 49's or less.

Gear wise for HM Lost island if you are wondering (in my opinion) should be:
- For pugs, a full set of Columi or better which can be received by doing the regular HM flashpoints.
- For experienced groups who know the fights, a full set of Tionese or better would work.
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