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So you chose to be evil half the time, and good the other half? That doesn't make you neutral, as you still perform evil deeds among good deeds. It just makes you chaotic.

The funny thing, now that you're 50, you can get any of the numerous level 50 relics that don't have an alignment restriction. Do your dailies and get Campaign/ Dread Guard Relics, and PVP relics.
Well I am sure this is an old, old debate, but as a new player unaware of the game mechanics my republic character was amassing a lot of dark side points from options that were not inherently "evil".

At the risk of adding spoilers, there is an early quest that saw a Rep. military officer send my smuggler on a mission to recover stolen medicine - the medicine was needed to treat sick republicans. Along the way, I discover that a group of refugees could also use the medicine to treat their sick. Once I recover the medicine, I have a choice to take it to the refugees or back to the Fort to help the Republicans, which presumably includes soldiers already putting themselves on the frontline. Unless I missed a crucial piece of information, neither party were obviously more deserving than the other and yet when I decided to return the medicine to its rightful owners (and the Sergeant had asked first ), I got dark side points

This is just one example of many that saw my character leave Ord Mantell almost in the neutral zone (I think light edged it by only 100 points) and I defy any player to turn off the light/dark indicator for mission conversations and not come away with more opposing faction attributes than they would otherwise have done. As someone who likes roleplay to dictate character decisions, not a mechanical game feature, I can assure you doing the right thing is not always 'good'.

Having said that, I have no stance on the lack of relics for neutral characters (although Matrix cubes aren't alignment specific are they?). If the game was not designed for 3 alignments, I don't particularly have a problem with that - playing neutral 'by design' is as artificial as the dark/light indicator, in my opinion.