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I don't inherently agree with this.

DF/Sab is OP yes--assuming the fight is favorable to a tight rotation. To the point of probably needing nerfed a little (Gunslinger is my main.. I can say this).

DF to SS? They can run very similar numbers. The problem, however, is SS is just harder to do it with than DF. DF is probably the second easiest DPS spec in this entire game so the margin of error makes it seem like its better, when its not inherently so.

And that seems to be the case with most of the DoT vs DD specs. Watchman is easy and does awesome deeps. Sage-Balance is easy (although I actually tend to do more as TK, but every other sage seems to prefer balanace). Etc etc.

The only exception to the rule, I find, is focus vs vigilance Guards. Focus pretty easy to pull good numbers with. Vig, with its dot clipping issues, is not so easy.

I would be in favor of loosening up some rotations though to give us a wider variety. I just don't think the numbers are as off as you think.
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