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You're saying that D7 and Foundry are easy. Of course they are. They are TOO easy. You're trying to take the ONLY flashpoint in the entire game that has any challenge to it and trivializing it.
Yeah so not many people will try to get their columi pants/boot by doing LI.

I believe you should up your standards of ability play your class, interrupt damage, avoid circles on the group and move at the right time. Don't lower the standard of difficulty to match your ability.

LR-5 only requires 2162 dps to beat his enrage timer. The tank will do at least 400-500. That leaves 800 each for the dps. That is NOT HARD TO DO. If you never miss an incinerate, never stand in the energy coils, and the tank maintains aggro, there really isn't that much damage to heal.
Yeah sure I beat it many times easily with good groups, but many groups I met wipe horribly there, and it is more difficult than other FP's bosses.

This is why players can do it without awesome gear. This is also why some of the people earlier in this thread make absurd claims like "requiring BH/Rakata gear." They're taking too much avoidable damage and running around like a chicken when they should be hitting the boss.

Why are you lobbying to make the instance easier instead of trying to become a better player?
Well among all of the groups I've met need at least 1 rakata guy to beat it, it's the healer because Sav-Rak's encounter, we did avoid all the damage we could but the healer still could not heal up.