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Quote: Originally Posted by Khevar View Post
If the group was in Columi, the last drop (Rakata Chestpiece and Columi Mainhand) will be an upgrade.

With 1.6, EVERYBODY gets a full set of free Tionese. This means that for most people, the last boss on a T1 FP will have their upgrade.

This is just fair, don't you think?

Then take into account the fact that EV and KP are on weekly lockouts and require 8 people to do. That's 7 other people you're competing with for the same drop that you can only do once per week. HM LI is infinitely repeatable and you're only competing with 3 other people.

Now, if a group is unable to complete the flashpoint in full Columi, there are many many guides to help them get better.
Well that's the case,

Tionese is enought for all the Tier1 HM FP, recruit gear is enough for some of the FP especially as DPS. The bosses don't just drop tionese, but also columi belt/implants, along with Exotech sometimes. So it's upgrade for them as well.

But most of the LI runners got at least half columi and D7 and Foundry are both easy, so LR-5 and Sav-Rak's drop are usually quite pointless.

Sure Lorrick drops good so I think we should leave him there, but the other 2 should either get better drop or get nerfed. Sure I can run well with good groups but none of us look at their drops.