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I am more of a bonehead than most it seems. When I faced Zash, I was LVL 32. I threw Khem into Tank mode and used my assassin as a DPS/Nuclear Warhead. The only semi-intelligent thing I did was continually right step out of her force storm circle. Took almost two whole minutes to kill her. Granted Khem died...but he dies in every Gold+ fight right as it is almost over.

I guess it is because I just prefer brawn over brains when it comes to bosses, as long fights bore me.

I understand what every one is saying with L2P, especially when you have devoted your life to MMO's, but for a new player or some one who doesn't properly understand the mechanics of an MMO, just shouting L2P is not going to help them. Thank you to all who actually posted up proper and intelligent ways to make this fight easier on those who would otherwise have no clue how to "L2P" by themselves.

Every one plays the game a little differently, just like every one has their own penmanship. Just like penmanship, if our teachers just shouted "Learn to write" we would all be illiterate. So to those of you with no valid or helpful suggestions. Shut your trap.

Side Note: How I did it is not a suggestion for those of you having trouble, just a statement, that Zash can be killed, even if you are a little bit thick...or lazy. Use the other suggestions or hit up a friend to give you a hand. Zash is not invincible, she is as frail as the grandmother's face she wears, you just need to learn where and when to kick.
This is why people struggle.

The key to winning this fight is in understanding that, as an inquisitor, you don't just have 1 interrupt. Overload can interrupt. Electrocute can interrupt. CC can interrupt. You just have to stagger those until jolt comes back off cooldown and dps in between. The second time killing this boss was cake compared to the first, when I was a new mmo player. Also. the act 1 boss for operatives is much harder. I'm not even sure what any successful approach would look like absent cheesing it in some way ( I line of sighted and used rapid shots, guildie #1 overleveled through pvp, guildie #2 used heroic moment + legacy abiilties).