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I have a Republic Armortech who was crafting the Vagabonds Helmet for a BH character.

I don't think I need to explain how gawdawful ugly a great many BH helmets are, especially at lower levels and when I saw the graphic for this I was somewhat relieved that I could finally get a helmet that looked, if not good, then at least halfway decent.

Imagine my surprise when I saw the helmet in my BH's inventory and saw that it looked exactly like the ugly helmet I had just gotten from a Heroic daily on Nar Shaddaa.

What makes this even more surprising is that this helmet is specifically labeled for use by BH's and Sith Warriors only...which makes me wonder why in the heck it would have two different looks dependent on which faction is doing the looking.

At no point should their be two different styles of the same item. The item needs to look exactly like the item will be regardless of who is wearing it. How in the heck are we supposed to craft graphically appealing items for ourselves if we have no way of knowing if the item will look exactly as pictured when it gets shipped over to the other faction?

The game is designed so that players play both factions, but I'm pretty sure that doesn't extend to having the same Crafting skill on two separate factions so I have to ask why this exists. Is it a feature or a bug? If it is a feature, it needs to go away quickly and if it is a bug it needs to be placed in the queue for bug fixes (which means I probably won't see a fix in this lifetime).
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