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I don't know if this is a skill issue or not, but it seems that imp classes perform at a much higher level than their pub counterparts. This is purely anecdotal of course, and I don't have any hard data to back it up. But running a variety of flashpoints and warzones on both my Republic and Empire characters, I definitely notice a difference.

In warzones it's not even close. My main is a level 50 sentinel and does nothing but PvP for her endgame since I'm not in a serious raiding guild, and I prefer PvP anyway. It's taking me forever to gear up because pubs on my server are really bad. We lose far more often than we win. Part of the problem is me. Because I take my 14k HP sentinel wearing a mix of Recruit and BM gear into these warzones and go up against WH geared imps. I do what I can but at the end of the day, I just don't have the gear.

And part of the reason I don't have the gear is because, like I said, it takes longer to acquire pieces because we lose all the time.

PvE is similar. In the HM flashpoints I've run, we've cleared the content, but it often takes longer and there's usually a few more wipes than when I'm on my imp alts.

Meanwhile, I hop on my marauder with worse gear, and suddenly I'm a killing machine. In warzones, Smash seems to hit a lot harder than Force Sweep. I'm getting all these killing blows and medals AND I'M NOT THAT GOOD AT PVP. Same thing with flashpoints. Suddenly, a guy that doesn't like to PvE is suddenly leet? Off in the corner soloing elites - basically off tanking - while the main tank holds down the other mobs? I'd be dead in three hits on my sent. But on my mara I'm like, "Challenge accepted."

What gives? Is this a known issue or is it just psychological? Do I just play better when I play empire?