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Here's what I did as an Artificer:

Try to look at what enhancements and crystals and such you want to use until you can get around to crafting the high-tier "stuff" you need to buy schematics for with daily comms. For Crystals, these will have a level 47 requirement, for enhancements and hilts it'll be level 49. Then, I'd say reverse-engineer the crap out of them as much as you can. Try to learn how to make Purples, then make a few purples and throw them in storage for when you hit levels 47 and 49, respectively. It won't be the "best of the best" gear, but at least you'll have those pieces as good as you can make them in the interim.

Anything past that, I'm tempted to say hold off unless you have a ton of credits, because it'll make you broke if you try to buy every single enhancement schematic and RE them all into purples or something. Do that kind of thing on an as-needed basis.
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