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I've PVP'd a lot but haven't been too far into endgame raids. I can adequately heal all hard modes, but have never done Lost Island or story mode OPs. Just wondering when you know you're ready to go into ops.

I can heal very well in every hard mode except Lost Island, which I've never done, and I have two pieces of Black Hole gear, a few pieces of Columi, two Rakata systems, and the rest is filled with battlemaster gear and one piece of War Hero gear. Is that enough to do either HM Lost Island or SM Ops?
Gear wise you already overgear SM Ops by quite a margin and if you can do HM FP's well you should be able to take on all SM Ops mechanics without much difficulty. SM Ops is very forgiving and very lenient on how they are played in all encounters.

While you have enough gear to do HM Lost Island, it is a more mechanics heavy fight than all the hard modes you have seen and the SM Ops. You can certainly try it, but perhaps you can focus on SM Ops for the time being. (Eternity Vault, Karagga's Palace)
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