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Wanting to make a Cathar Jedi, haven't decided if i'm going to go with the Knight Sent, or a Consular Shadow. Have put a little back story/personality on this guy, but don't know which story/class style would be best for him. If a bio was written about him, it would start something like, "a natural born leader...". So, he obviously has a leader type personality. He is going ot be in the grey area, not strictly light or dark, leaning more towards light, protecting the weak, but also on the lines of, "if you try to hurt me or my friends, you will die" (but not to an extreme). I also have him imagined being young, not like 12, but very early 20's or so. He also, has great agility, hoping to choose the class that is more agile fighting. So, please list which class would go best with these

Youngest sounding male voice
More agility based fighting
Story that best compliments the described personality.

Will choose the on with the most in commun with the above list. Thanks in advanced.