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12.02.2012 , 02:03 PM | #91
All I hear is 'whaaaaaaaa....I want to be a special snowflake and get to decide who is worthy of having end game items while charging those I deem worthy many multiples of the cost of mats'.

Grow up. You aren't special because you won the RE lottery, nor because you killed some boss in a video game.

In my opinion, none of the current end game stuff should RE to a schematic while it is still BIS (e.g. no 27s RE to schematics until 28s are available in a new Operation).

At the very least, crafting end game items should require a mat that only drops rarely in the same content, and thus keeps the amount of end-game crafted items very low.

As it is now, end game in SWTOR is a joke given people can RE BIS items, get schematics, turn around and craft stacks of them for themselves, their guild, their friends, and their server so they can all over-gear the content.

And don't even get me started on how stupid it is that bound mods can be pulled from drops and then sent to alts using legacy gear.

The fact that my level 25 Warrior Artificer has sets of end-game gear ready for when she hits 50 while being able to craft end game BIS enhancements is just beyond dumb game design.