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lol You must be a healer, concealment is only fine against lesser geared opponents/clothes. Anyone who know there class can handle a scoundral. Why are there none in wz and the one left know there limits and never open on anyone but a wounded animal. Healer though are top of the top of the tops in pvp. Dps reroll somthing else you will find everything else is way more benefit in the dps department.

Stop playing into Bw scoundrals are fine. No one want them in rated WZ or Ops ;There is a problem.
You'll find that a Scrapper/Concealment Agent is very much on par with Marauders and Tankasins when it comes to one on one combat. Provided he's properly geared and knows what he's doing, of course.

Granted, they aren't popular like FOTM Smash in RWZs, for obvious reasons, but they are, by no means, as weak as Ops who got too used to effortlessly dropping people from 100 to 20% in one stunlock before nerfs may claim. Check DarthNish's channel on youtube. He has some very fun Scoundrel vids, both healing and Scrapper. He also has tips and hints for those not yet fully comfortable with the class.
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