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12.01.2012 , 12:47 AM | #9
It sounds like you want a 2 set pve bonus for a gunnery commando with pvp gear.

As far as transfering pvp mods between characters, you can just buy a legacy piece of gear from the legacy class vendors on coruscant or dromund kaas and just keep mailing the gear back and forth between characters on your account, inserting and stripping mods as you need.

Regarding the set bonus, right now there are only 2 armoring types that grant pve set bonuses. They are "campaign" and "dread guard." The "gread guard" set bonus armorings can ONLY be obtained by getting tokens from hard mode terror from beyond bosses or nightmare mode explosive conflict bosses. The "campaign" set bonus armorings can be purchased for black hole commendations. You can get campaign and black hole armorings from off hand items, and also from crafters, but they won't be the set bonus variety. You need the head/chest/hands/legs/feet slot specific ones for the set bonuses.

So, what you want to do is use your agent to farm up black hole commendations, buy commando specific campaign armorings from the pve black hole vendor, insert the armorings into a piece of legacy armor, mail the armor to your commando, and rip them out.

Also, you shouldn't lose any ability to do this when 1.6 comes out, so there's no great rush.